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Well Hello



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I'm an easy going, laughter loving, Pensacola wedding photographer, and a hardcore storyteller. 

Most days, you can find me working on my couch, no make-up with my hair in a pony, drinking my BulletProof Coffee, and surrounded by my fav humans and fur babies.

I was mostly known for my amazing ability to eat excessive amounts of extra cheese pizza, but nowadays I try to eat cleaner and exercise more. My dirty thirty hit me hard!

My business is my passion and I love, love, love my brides! My brides are not just clients to me, but humans I grow to love. I'm happy to say that my amazing job has brought me SO many new, lifelong friendships! 

If you go through my reviews, they all have the same general gist to them and there's a reason for that.

*I genuinely give a shit about you and your happiness* 

I'm here for you, we're gonna have fun, I'll make you feel comfortable in front of a camera (pretty much like you were born to model), and we'll end up with amazing candid images that capture you and your fiance's personalities! 

I know I'm not the photographer for everyone. I like to keep it real, but if I'm the photographer for you, trust that it's going to be an easy and seamless experience!! 


Sappy Stuff

Sappy Stuff


"Take your broken heart and make it into art."

This is the truest quote for me there ever was.
I'm going to be real with you about my business for a sec because finding this quote has resonated so deeply for me. 

All my life, I've always felt like an outsider looking in. Kinda like I was a part, but I didn't really belong. 

I was an 11 year old kid with a very sick mom and I had to grow up way too fast. I didn't get invited to parties or mall hangouts. I didn't get a million middle school balloons tied to my backpack on my birthday. Boys didn't really think I was cute. So I rebelled and lashed out in crazy ways because I couldn't deal with everything at once.
And I kept rebelling into my 20s.

I didn't start to feel like I fit anywhere until my mid 20s when I joined the Navy and lived in liberal San Diego where I loved to go dancing. Until I got myself a half-sleeve in honor of my mom and a whole bunch of other tattoos. And finally, until I stopped trying to fit into the 9-5 life and carved my own path. 

I think this is why my business means so much to me. I've literally taken my broken heart and made it into art.


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