As photographers, we pour our hearts and souls into the images we make for our clients. Because we put so much into our work, it is in our best interest to ensure that wedding days flow smoothly. We work closely with wedding coordinators to build a wedding timeline that allows the photographer enough time to capture what he/she needs at the right times of the day. In the event that there is no wedding coordinator, the photographer often takes on that role to safeguard a bride's happiness.

Below are some things to take into consideration when building your wedding timeline. We want to document your day seamlessly! At a minimum a photographer will need:

  • 60 minutes of bride/groom prep
  • 30 minutes for bridal party photos
  • 30 minutes for bride + groom photos
  • 30+ minutes for family photos (more if the families are large)
  • 20 minutes for reception decor photos
  • 15 minutes for ceremony decor photos

In addition, be sure to schedule the ceremony 1-3 hours before the sun sets, depending on the length of your ceremony. This provides optimal lighting during formal photos. The guests will still be looking their best. As a bonus, the photographer can get all of the bride and groom formals done during golden hour! After this, all formals will be done and the bride and groom can relax and enjoy their reception.

I hope this helps you plan your beautiful day!

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