The Best Thing About Being a Millennial

You're proud to count yourself among the Millennial generation. Why? Because you're part of the new rock 'n' roll generation. 

The original rock 'n' roll generation was the first generation to push back against doing things the way we've always done things (you know, for the sake of continuing to do things as always). But Millennials like you are kicking butt in ways previous generations never could have imagined. Sure, the '50s and '60s had Woodstock and Hendrix and the ushering in of a whole new world view. Absolutely, the rock 'n' roll generation questioned everything and paved the way for free-thinkers. 

And yeah, Millennials are criticized a lot, as were the rock n' rollers, but there's something Millennials have that the rock 'n' roll generation didn't—our own personal brand. 

A Millennial Wedding

We're not rebelling for the sake of rebelling. Nope. Instead, we're the result of a shift in the world that started with the rock 'n' roll generation's rebellion. We get to eat the fruit of their labor. 

We can put our own mark on the world in the way that makes the most sense for us. My rebrand is the perfect example of this. I am able to follow my heart and intuition and what I know works for me because I'm not bound by tradition. I don't have to fight to break free. 

As a bride or groom, neither do you. Instead, you can focus on finding who you are and then living your life as you see fit. As for expressing who you are through your wedding planning, there are a million and one ways you can put your mark on your wedding. In case you need more ideas, here are a few to help you get started...

1. Be a Hippie

Go barefoot. Have your ceremony somewhere out of the ordinary. A beautiful backyard right before sunset might be exactly what you've been wanting to set your ceremony apart. 

Play a Woodstock mix of music at your reception.

Ask your guests to bring their plastic for recycling to put in the recycling bin you've set out. Or, ask them to donate to their local no-kill animal shelter in lieu of a gift. 

And if you did choose that backyard ceremony, maybe instead of cutting a cake, you can break ground as you and your new spouse plant a tree together. 

2. Serve Your Own Beer

Do you enjoy brewing beer? Or do you know a couple of friends who do? Then brew your own beer for the wedding reception. Name them something that's meaningful to you both.

If this isn't possible, then order a few kegs of your favorite craft beer varieties. You can still give them great names. 

3. Encourage Guest Participation 

Ask your guests to celebrate your union with maracas. Hand out personalized maracas to your guests with a note asking them to shake 'em when the kissing starts! These maracas also make great weddings favors. 

You can also add numbers to the seats, and hide a surprise under a few chairs. Leave a tambourine, a drum, a kazoo, or other items. Then, as the ceremony starts, you can have your officiant call out the seat numbers for the guests who are seated above their surprise. 

4. Create the Ultimate Free-spirit Arbor

Say your I dos under an arbor layered with Bohemian-style scarves. Every time the breeze blows, each scarf will sway in the breeze. 

Or, skip the arbor completely and create a yurt out of scarves and light-weight linen. Keep the front open and airy, and you'll create the perfect balance between an intimate and beautifully framed ceremony. 

5. Let Your Guests Create

Ask them to create their own mix of confetti to throw when you make your getaway. Put out dried flowers, leaves, shredded newspaper and confetti. 

You can also have your guests create a keepsake instead of signing a guest book. Tie up a blanket or painter's canvas drop cloth and place it on a table with vases or bowls of dyes (don't worry, there are natural dyes you can use). Leave a sign asking your guests to add a few drops or spoonfuls of the dye to the tied-up material. Then, you can wash and unwrap your new work of art created by your guests. 

6. Serve Your Favorites

Do you love BBQ? How about that taco truck you always hunt down? Serve what you love, and your guests will love it, too.

Serve breakfast for your dinner-time reception, or take your guests on a world-tour with food traditionally found in the Middle East, Asia, South America, and more. Serve a gourmet pizza bar complete with optional toppings your guests can add for themselves such as goat cheese, fruit, veggies, and spices. 

Maybe you want to honor your families by serving the food that you cook together. Offer up grandma's secret recipe chicken, and your mother-in-law's fabulous potato soup. 

Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to make it uniquely you. 

7. Take Your Photos Before the Ceremony

See each other for the first time before the ceremony, and have me capture the moment. By taking many of your portraits before the ceremony, you'll be saving time after so you can spend more time with your guests and each other (more about first looks here).

And of course, choosing a photographer who understands your style is important. It's also important to choose someone whose style you love, too. 

Make your wedding one that's completely you and your spouse. Fly rainbow flags, have a unicorn-themed reception, and revel in your blueberry-dyed wedding dress made from repurposed hand-me-downs and vintage clothing. Make your mark.

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