You're ready to take the leap and propose. Congratulations! This is such an exciting thing (and a little scary, too). Start this new chapter with a statement: Propose in a way that is a reflection of who you two are as a couple. 

So forget the ring in the dessert or glass of champagne idea, and get creative. Maybe these proposal ideas will be what you need, or maybe they'll inspire you to create your own unique moment. 

1. Propose over and over.

Show the love of your life that he or she is the love of your life. Propose day after day like Dean Smith did, and capture each proposal with a photo or video. 

Take a selfie with a sign every day, or show all the thought you're putting into the preparation. 

2. Create a scavenger hunt.

Plant clues all over town. Give her the first clue to get her started, and send her to all the places that are significant to you both. Do you have a favorite spot on the beach? Does she always stop at the same coffee stand each morning? 
Will you be in trouble if you propose without giving her a chance to put on something nice and apply some makeup? Although "trouble" might be the wrong word, you can make sure she feels pampered and loved by including a shopping trip and stop at the salon as part of your scavenger hunt. 

Leave a trail across town that leads her to you where you'll be ready and waiting to propose in a place that means something to you both. Have friends and family waiting as well as a photographer. 

3. Write it in the sand.

Do you both love adventures? Schedule a helicopter ride to take you on a scenic tour along the cost. Before you take flight, write your message in the sand using rocks and sticks. Then, when you fly over, you can ask her to marry you. She'll appreciate the effort and the view. 
You can also ask your friends and family to be your letters on the beach. They can either lay down to form the words, or they can band together to hold a banner. 

Just make sure that whichever option you choose, you prepare far enough away from the water so the ocean doesn't wipe away all your efforts. 

4. Use a flip book. 

What's a flip book? Did you ever doodle close to the edge of your notebook in school? If you did, then you might have also flipped through all the pages that you'd drawn on to discover that your drawing came to life. You can do the same with your proposal. 

Instead of doodling your proposal, though, hire me as your photographer. We can take a series of photos that show you proposing. Then we can have those images printed into a photo book. She can flip through the book and see you declaring your love for her and proposing. 
The bonus is that she'll have that photo book to hold onto as a memento. 

5. Plan a family night out.

Are you two laid back about almost everything? Do you enjoy going out with your friends and family? Then plan a night out at the local bowling alley. 

Ask the alley to set up a "Will you marry me" sign at the end of a lane. Then invite your friends and family to go bowling with you two. She'll never know it's anything other than a fun evening out until you get there. 

If bowling isn't your thing, then check out the local batting cages. Write "marry" and "me" on a bucket of baseballs and then let her swing away. Once the baseballs stop, you can step in and show her the ring. 

6. Keep it private.

Are you both private people? Or is she shy? Does she prefer to stay out of the spotlight? If so, then plan an evening at home that ends with a proposal in your backyard with just the two of you. 

Shower her with all of her favorite things and food. Then step outside together for a walk or a quiet evening on the back deck. Have champagne, flowers, dessert, and a blanket on the grass waiting. 

7. Try simple and surprising.

Plan an evening out and a nice long walk. While you're on your walk, drop to one knee and propose. If the evening is like every other evening out, she'll never suspect anything is different. 

To mark the moment and let her know that you made an extra effort, have a bag packed and waiting for her answer. Then, when she says yes, you can both take off to enjoy a night (or a weekend) away somewhere romantic.

Whatever you decide, I would be honored to be part of your special moment. I can be very sneaky when needed. So you can hire me to capture your beautiful moment together without spilling the secret too soon. I can shoot photos from a distance until you ask the question, and then move closer to make sure I capture the emotion of the moment. 

Imagine how cool it would be to send out save-the-date cards or announcements with a high-quality photo of the moment you proposed.


I'm Tahiry (Tahiti - Like the island) and I specialize in outdoor weddings for my off-beat couples. You know, the couples who aren't afraid to dance in the rain or walk to the beat of their own drum (while getting some good shots of it, too). Sound like you? Let's connect ❤️