Engagement Photos Series: Part Three

If you missed it, check out part one of the Engagement in Pensacola series. In part one, we talk about 7 tips for getting the absolute best engagement photos. While I guide you in posing for your photos, this post is so helpful in getting an idea of the finer details in posing and help prepare you for your engagement photo session. 

Part two covers what in the world to wear to your engagement photo session. Choosing what you should wear can be so tough to do. Take a look! For location inspiration, go here

In this post, we're going to talk about making your engagement photo shoot uniquely you. ❤️


I view every photo shoot as if it were a mainstream photo shoot complete with models, props, and scenery! Why? So the photos you receive look ready to be added to your very own magazine that tells your story beautifully. In addition to the perfect photo to accompany your Save the Date notices, we'll be capturing a look into your love for each other and what it means to you both individually and as a couple uniting together. 

A great way to tell your story and show that everyday commitment to each other is through the use of props! 

Props for engagement photos help tell a story. A good prop will give a glimpse into your lives together and going forward.

The props you bring will help to tell your story. You and your love have a love story that is completely yours. Feel free to bring along the items that really reflect your fantastic personalities or your personality as a couple. 

For instance, I've had a couple who brought along a soccer ball because they had met on the field. Another couple brought cotton candy and enjoyed eating it together. Yet another couple both showed their shared love of music by bringing along their matching iPods. 

Those are just a few examples, but the list of items you could bring to showcase your personalities is endless. 

Common Interests

If you're stumped on what you could possibly bring, start by thinking of the things you love to do together.

You know how you love to sit together to complete the crossword puzzle in the paper every Saturday morning over coffee in your PJs? Bring the crossword. Or, you know how you love to take bike rides together? Bring the bikes. Have a coffee morning routine? Bring your favorite mugs and some coffee! 

Whatever it is, bring it. 

For ideas, here are a few items that could be fun to feature in your photos: 

  • Vintage cameras
  • Your personal artwork
  • A favorite journal
  • Magazines you enjoy reading
  • That old book you've read twelve times
  • The family heirloom quilt that your great-grandma made that is now being passed along to you both as a wedding present
  • Do you both love boating? Let's charter one and shoot our session on it!
  • Your favorite wine or champagne

Don't hesitate to bring anything along that truly reflects who you are as a couple or as individuals coming together. 


Getting engaged means that you two have commonalities, even if they're hard to see to the outsider. But what do you do if you can't think of any common interests? It's okay if you two didn't bond over ice cream on a hot day on your first encounter. It's also okay if you sort of met several times before you ever hit it off. Really. Not everyone's story is the same. And what makes your engagement story worth telling is that it is 100% your story to tell.  

If you'd love to incorporate something such as a prop in your engagement photos but you just can't think of anything, then let's take a different approach. Instead of thinking about what you two share in common, think about what you each enjoy to do on a daily basis. I'm sure you'll find some common ground there.

Perhaps you both enjoy cooking breakfast together every morning (which would make your kitchen a great place to shoot photos of you two). Or maybe you two are separated often by travel for business and you make it a point to always have a phone call or text conversation before bed. Wherever you're at in your daily lives and however you two come together to show each other that you care for one another is part of the story that we can capture in your photos.

Of course, if you have ideas but you're just not sure how it will work out, ask me and we can work through it together. 

The Big Day

As you're preparing for your engagement photos, think about what you envision for your wedding. If you have a theme in mind that could be used in your engagement photos as well, then bring whatever is most appropriate. 

If the beach is where you'll be getting married and you'd love to incorporate water, seashells, and sand in your engagement photos because it speaks to your roots as a couple or a shared love of the ocean, then we can do that. 

Are you getting married in downtown Pensacola? Or perhaps you'll be getting married in Destin. Whatever your location, we can be mindful of that while we're planning your session. 

The Focus

The focus of any engagement photo session I shoot is the same—to beautifully capture and mark moments of time in your life that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Engagement photos are a great way to celebrate your love and the life you're beginning together. Personalizing those photos by bringing something that is subtly significant to you and your love, that speaks to your love and commitment to each other in the every day and big moments in life, will make your photos just that much more meaningful to you both!

I'm Tahiry (Tahiti - Like the island) and I specialize in outdoor weddings for my off-beat couples. The ones that aren't afraid to dance in the rain or walk to the beat of their own drum (while getting some good shots of it, too). Sound like you? Let's connect ❤️