Free-spirited Bride and Groom

You've never been much for rules or tradition. Some might even call you off-beat, quirky, or independent. 

You don't follow rules or traditions for the sake of following rules and traditions. And you're not about to start on your wedding day. You do love your family, though, and they love their traditions. So, you find yourself in a balancing act. You'd like to honor those that you love by honoring the traditions they find most important. But you'd also like to put your own unique spin on your wedding.

So, what are a few ways you can take a tradition and remake it to align with your free-spirit?

The Dress

What you wear is the most personal decision of the entire event. From how your hair is styled to your choice in makeup to your shoes—these elements are reflections of your personal style and an opportunity for you to let your free spirit out, unrestrained. 

Buy a dress that speaks to you in your favorite color, and put your bridesmaids in white. The possibilities are limitless if you're looking for a dress in any color. And the effect will be stunning. 

Or, wear a patterned dress or suit if that's what speaks to you. Be uniquely you. For more floral dress inspiration, check this post out! 

A First Look

To see more about first looks and wether or not they're right for you, check out my thoughts on that here!

Flower Girls

non traditional grandma flower girls

Imagine for a moment that instead of the traditional flower girl, you've invited your and your fiance's 70-year-old grandmas to be your flower girls. This gives the grandmas in your life a role in the wedding other than posing for family photos, and it's a nod of respect to the great women who love you both.   

The Aisle Runner

bohemian aisle runner with rugs

Turn your aisle runner into a testament to your time together as a couple. Fill it with photos of the two of you together. Take a look at custom aisle runners sites online to have your images right on the runner, or have photos printed that your flower girls can scatter instead of or with roses. 

The Vows

bride reading nontraditional vows

When it's time for you to exchange vows, take some of the pressure off by sitting down. Add a small set of chairs that you and your fiance can move to when it's time to exchange vows. This will give you a moment together that feels a little more private.

If either of you are terrified of public speaking, sitting together to share your vows will also relieve some of the anxiety of reciting vows in front of your guests. 

You can also take a conversational approach to your vows. Decide to have a conversation together where you tell each other how you felt the first time you met. Then finish it up by defining what your commitment means to you both. Do what is the most meaningful to you both. 

Ceremony Symbolism

You know that point in the ceremony where the couple does something to symbolize the coming together of two people and lives? Traditionally, the couple takes two candles to light one larger candle. More recently, the trend is to pour sand from two vials into one. 

Change up the symbolism and tradition by planting a small tree or plant in a pot. You can have the plant mostly buried ahead of time and finish it off by adding more soil. To keep your hands dirt-free, add soil to a couple of small urns or vases and pour the soil on. Then add water.

You can watch the plant grow and thrive with your relationship.

Incorporate Your Passions

dog in the wedding party walking down aisle

Are you a dog-lover? Then set up a donation jar to accept donations for your local shelter. Ask the shelter if they'll bring puppies to your reception for your guests to fall in love with. 

Maybe you're concerned about the environment. If so, find ways to incorporate that with the wedding traditions. Use seed-paper confetti on the tables or at the end of the night when you're making your getaway. Find unbleached cotton muslin fabric as your table runners. Take a look at palm-leaf plates. 

Your wedding will become uniquely you once you include elements that speak to you.

The Guest Book

Dreading sending out thank you cards to the great-great-aunt of your fiance's cousin Selma who you've only met once? Would you like to be able to send a more personal note than thank you for the gift

Instead of a traditional guest book, find a beautiful 12-month calendar. Leave framed, written instructions for each guest to find their birthday and write down their name and address. Then, on their birthday, you can send them a thank you and a nod to their special day. 

Traditional Dances

Do you want to avoid that awkward wedding party dance? Add hula hoops. Then you and your wedding party can laugh your way through the song. It will help relieve some of the tension and stress from the day, and it will be memorable. 

It gives you a moment to have fun with your friends. You know, those people you chose to be a part of your big day because they're some of the closest people in your life. Those people who know all your secrets and love you anyway. 

The Cake

The options for a nontraditional cake are endless. Take a look at Pinterest and you'll see what I mean. Whether you'd like a cake that isn't a cake at all but rather a collection of cake pops, or you'd prefer a stack of beautifully arranged brownies, it's possible. If you're having trouble choosing, then start by naming your favorite desserts. Take a look at the possibilities in your area by contacting your local bakery. They might be secretly dreaming of a nontraditional opportunity such as this. 

Wherever you are, and whatever you have planned, make sure it is a reflection of the both of you. Honor those who are important to you both, but remember that you're both embarking on a new journey together, and that is important, too. 

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