When I was in 5th grade, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. When she received her diagnosis, it was like the foundation of our household cracked and began to crumble. It was the hardest time of our lives. You know how people say girls are "daddy's girls?" No way, this lady was a mommy's girl through and through.

Now that I'm a mother, I admire the way she handled herself when faced with the possibility of not being there for her young kids. Cancer took her gorgeous, long hair, her beautiful handwriting, her ability to articulate clearly, and at times, all of her memory. It never took her spirit though. After going through her aggressive treatment and a highly invasive surgery that almost took her life, she came home looking so fragile. I remember nights sleeping next to her and waking every few hours to check if she was still breathing.

Despite all that, my mom always remained cheerful, full of life, and a little mischievous. I watched her fight it for 14 years, repeatedly suffering strokes and seizures, but never losing her courage or faith. She passed away 4 years ago. I still miss her all the time and wish she could have been there, holding my hand through labor as I became a mother myself. I wish she could have met my boys. I wish so badly I could have her over to analyze weird baby poops and rashes together.

Everyday with your mother is a gift and I didn’t understand that until way too late. She was right about everything and I would do anything to feel little again and get a cuddle from my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mami. Until we meet again.

My gorgeous mama
My gorgeous mama