Engagement session preparation ensures everyone is on the same page, so that my clients can focus on having FUN during their session. If my lady subjects leave my session feeling appreciated and like the gorgeous women they are, then I have done my job. I love confidence and when I see confidence through my lens, I get super excited! Below are some tips to help you arrive to your session prepared, confident, and feeling radiant.

Engagement session preparation tips:

  • Being on time is important! If you've seen my work and have chosen me to photograph this special time in your life, it's likely that you've noticed the golden light in my work. This golden light is achieved during magic hour, which is in the 1-1.5 hours before sunset. The closer to sunset, the more exquisite the light is. If you show up late to the session, the session is not extended and still ends at the regularly scheduled time. This is because the sun, not I, dictates when our session will end. Please understand, I want the absolute best experience for my clients and showing up on time achieves this! :)
  • Check out my portfolio to get an idea of what you can expect to end up with. It is also a great idea to share these galleries with your significant other because men are typically not as excited for the session as the women, who love to strut their stuff. When they realize I'm not trying to make them look cheesy, only extra studly, they are more excited about the session.
  • Feel free to check out your chosen location beforehand and let me know of your ideas for the session. I like for my couples to find a place where they feel happy, comfortable, and is a reflection of your personalities. I will always show up at least 30 minutes early to scope it out and find the best spots.
  • Please feel free to bring along props! I want your engagement shoot to show off your character and what better way than to bring things that reflect your personalities. Some ideas: Donuts, cotton candy, sports items, iPods, cameras, wine (feel free to share). Whatever! Get creative :)
  • I highly encourage having your hair and make up done for your photos. I'm not saying you HAVE to, but in my experience, the pictures always turn out much better because of the extra confidence boost girls get when they pamper themselves. Some will treat this as a test run for their wedding day hair and makeup. I think that's a fantastic way to work out the kinks rather than stressing about it on your big day! I'd be happy to recommend hair and makeup stylists that will do an amazing job.
  • Outfits can make or break a photo shoot. No pressure guys! I recommend wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous! Avoid neon colors or anything with logos. Be mindful of clashing patterns. Wear colors that coordinate, but that don't match exactly. If it's cold, wear multiple layers (scarves, vest, etc.) instead of one bulky jacket. Themed engagement shoots are some of my favorites. Pin up, great gatsby/flapper, victorian era themed, the possibilities are endless and the results are often phenomenal! Especially when combined with a location that suits the theme.

These are my main tips for engagement session preparation. Follow these and we'll have a head start in getting you the gorgeous images you want!