Engaged? Looking for a great spot to have engagement photos taken in the greater Pensacola area? Then check out these locations. From white sandy beaches to architecture from centuries long forgotten to backdrops that will have your engagement photos magazine-ready, the options are limitless in Pensacola.

Not from the Pensacola area? No problem. You can make your engagement photo session by making it a weekend getaway. There are a bunch of great places to stay, play, and eat in the area (seriously, ask me and I will gladly tell you about the fantastic food here). But, back to the engagement photos.

naval live oaks engagement session

Engagement Photo Locations on the Beach

An engagement photo session by the beach always has an intimate feel. Maybe it’s because it feels like the viewer is intruding on a special moment during an afternoon at the beach, or maybe it’s because there’s something about being barefoot on the beach with the person you love that makes us all a little mushy. Whatever it is, engagement photos on the white-sand beaches of Pensacola are full of movement and natural light: beach photos are like little snippets of time.

Another beautiful spot to capture engagement photos is Big Lagoon State Park just outside of Pensacola. The sand, the tall grass dancing in the wind, the beautiful bridge and wooden walkway—what’s not to love about this spot? The water is always near, and an engagement photo session here at sunset means beautiful photos of you and the love of your life with a masterpiece for the backdrop.

Feast your eyes on the possibilities. Did I mention that the drive there is pretty spectacular, too? It is. If you’re ready for some fun, you can even rent a kayak while you’re there to kayak around the lagoon. That would make for very fun photos, that’s for sure (ahem, a well-timed photo with a playful tip of the kayak could result in the best engagement photo ever … just saying). But on a more serious note, choosing a beautiful spot with lots of natural light, movement, and the two of you enjoying each other is all we need to create photos you’ll be proud to share.

downtown engagement session

Engagement Photos: Downtown Pensacola

Pensacola is one of the first European settlements. What’s that mean? That means it has a history dating back over 450 years, and that history is reflected in the historical downtown area of Pensacola. From the urban Creole Julee Cottage to the Old Christ Church that’s stood since the 1800s, the whole area has interesting architecture that adds a bit of depth to any engagement photo session. Connecting with history when you’re preparing to embark on a new journey (you know, spending the rest of your life with someone) is like a reminder that you two aren’t alone on your journey.

If you’d like a little more casual engagement photos, then one of the coffee shops in the area might be just the place for you two. Ordering a cup of coffee and simply enjoying each other’s company is a great way to tell a story. What story would that be? It would be the story of your everyday life together; it would allow others a peek into your lives together and your love for each other that will last day in and day out.

Another perfect spot to capture a glimpse of your everyday lives is the food truck courtyard. With palm trees and strings of light, an evening engagement shoot would be something different to showcase your personality.

Or, if you’d prefer to keep it more formal, the herb garden outside of Chopped will have your engagement photos looking ready for a magazine cover. Take a look at these beautiful portraits at the herb garden. We could even go down the road to the New World Landing. There, we would take photos in front of a wall that’s covered with ivy. Nature, interlocked with industrial, creates a nice contrast in texture that adds so much depth to the shot.

eden gardens engagement session


Engagement Photos Off the Beaten Path

If you’re willing to drive a little, take a look at Eden Gardens State Park. The area feels somehow whimsical, as if the area is from a long-forgotten story or tale. The moss-draped trees, flowers, and bushes create a quiet environment that will leave you and your fiance feeling like you’re the only two souls there. The natural light with bits of sunshine that breaks through the trees creates an intricate pattern of shadow, light, and brightness on the lush grass.

Speaking of secluded, there’s a beautiful little hidden spot in Perdido Bay Sports Complex that is full of natural light. With a small pond nearby and tall, gently swaying grass, it’s another one of those spots where you’ll feel like the world has fallen away and it’s just you and your fiance. Engagement photos here would keep the focus on the two of you and the love and intimacy you share. It’s a great spot for spicy hot photos!

A little further out is another location that I bet will leave your family and friends talking when they see the photos. Just across the state border into Alabama is Bamahenge (think Stonehenge, except this one is in Alabama and it isn’t quite so mysterious). While there weren’t any ancient druids involved in the building of Bamahenge, the place still has a little intrigue. Combine the intrigue with the way the light falls around the work of art (is it still art if it’s an imitation?), and the result is engagement photos with a story.

in home engagement session and pensacola beach

My Favorite Engagement Photo Location

Surprising to some, my favorite spot to take engagement photos is inside your own kitchen while the two of you fix a meal. There’s nothing that speaks more to a love that endures and is prepared for the ups and downs of life than that of a couple cooking together(and of course, you get bonus points if you’re making something from scratch, maybe with a little flour sprinkled around here and there and on your face, oops).

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