5 Ways to Prepare for your Wedding Day

  1. Try your dress on before your wedding day - Really! You should try your dress on and be sure to sit in it to see how comfortable it is, i.e. can you breathe? If you can't, well maybe it's time to convince the ol' hubby to get you two pretty dresses! ;)
  2. Get a personalized hanger for your dress - Hanging a gorgeous gown on a wire hanger is blasphemous! Of course, I can bring a wooden hanger, but it would take up a few notches if the hanger was not only wooden, but also personalized! It can have your name, or better yet, your new last name :) Hello there Mrs. _________.
  3. Schedule more time than you think you need for bridesmaids - It never fails! Hair doesn't cooperate, someone got hungry and ate their make up... Murphy's law! Allow more time than you think you need for bridesmaid's hair and makeup. I once had a poor bridesmaid with thick, layered hair sitting in a chair for two hours while they tried to get it in a bun!
  4. Get your rings professionally cleaned - You really want your rings to sparkle in the pictures. After they get cleaned, keep them in their box! I know... it's hard. I always feel naked without my rings, but they get icky quickly! If the stones on your rings are dull, it will show in the pictures.
  5. Get matching robes - Some of my favorite pictures are the ones of the bride and bridesmaids, hair and make up done, all in cute matching robes! Not only does it make it foolproof for keeping makeup and hair intact, it makes for pretty pictures since all the bridesmaids are coordinating instead of everyone wearing clashing colors and patterns.

I hope these 5 ways to prepare for your wedding day helped! 


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