Finally getting around to blogging this beautiful December wedding at Live Oak! I’m about three weddings behind soooo yea.

We all collectively freaked a bit when 100% chance of rain was forecasted on this day. Good luck my butt - am I right?! I mean it NEVER let up, so I literally had to flash everything, which is no prob ;)

No grain in your picture game! Because grain is what happens when you’re not flash experienced… get it? Nevermind. Just know that if FL weather is dark AF - I got you.

But this was still one of the more gorgeous weddings I’ve seen! Everything from the carefully selected details (I mean THOSE EARRINGS!), to the most intricately beaded dress, and that stunning pop of color in all the red. I loved it!

SIDE NOTE: The sunshine portraits were not from this day. If you’ve been personally victimized by FL weather on your wedding day, get with me to rebook your portraits!