Here was a truly fun wedding. From the confetti canons (EVERYONE BUY THESE! Though they are kinda scary 😂 ) to the gorgeous bride who was down for ALL the fun! Even when I wanted her bridesmaids to throw handfuls of confetti over her face and hair for photos 😝❤️.

We shed confetti for weeks and I still find it in my shoes. Totally worth it. We also did a first look which means toooons of time for portraits!

The day before, I photographed their rehearsal dinner where I learned of the groom’s dearrrr love of the Brittney Spears song “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

Unbeknownst to the groom, his fiancé and family had prepared a collection of clips of him singing and dancing to this very song over the years… many, many clips that were expertly edited and set to that song. In between fits of laughter, I managed to capture this surprise moment in the groom’s honor.

The song was played again during the reception, and you guessed it - He whipped off his suit jacket and proceeded to sing along to every word and dance along.

This day was definitely one of the highlights of my wedding career and I was glad to be there for it!