This wedding was truly special. Family means everything to Ashlin and Joe. They decided to have the wedding at her family home. On 3/31/18, Ashlin and Joe were married underneath the same tree Ashlin's grandmother was married under decades before. 

While her grandmother had recently passed, little things happened throughout the day to remind her that her grandmother was very much there. ❤️

"I have been reliving this special day for over a week. Although hectic at times, it was the most perfect, personal, and sentimental day. From my hand stitched veil done by my beautiful mother, the stunning entry way into the ceremony that my lovely husband made, to the red roses that Tammy showed up with on our wedding day because they were my favorite color - little did she know, it was my granny's as well and they were perfect for her memory table. I felt her so many times over that weekend. Thanks to dad for putting in all the time and hard work to pull everything off. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who sacrificed their own time to help put our day together."