These are frequently asked questions because they're important! 

What is an associate photographer? The associate is an employee of THP and photographs wedding as the lead photographer, rather than myself (Tahiry). This is the affordable option for brides that still want the caring THP experience, natural posing, and unique editing! 

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How does your associate photographer program work? I handle all of the inquiries, scheduling, customer service, and meetings. My associate photographer is the artist on the day of your wedding! I then edit weddings myself.

How do you choose your associate photographers? I am VERY picky! I had many options because there is so much talent in the Pensacola area! I choose the photographer in who I see passion and fire for people, weddings, and photography. I genuinely care about my brides and their happiness is SO important to me! I choose photographers in who I see the same caring for people and hunger to succeed.

Who will photograph our wedding? Right now, I'm excited to be working with Cortlandt! Cortlandt is pure sunshine with a heart of gold. She is incredibly talented and our gear is the same, so our work is eerily similar! 

Can we see a portfolio for the associates? Yep! Upon inquiry, you will receive all of THP's pricing and full galleries. 

What training does the associate receive? My associate trains with me for a full wedding season before taking on their own weddings as the lead photographer. They will shadow me during weddings, come with me to engagements to learn posing, and also receive one on one training outside of weddings. Additionally, I come with them to their first few weddings as lead to help out and ensure they've got it.