Candace emailed me really ahead of time, but I'm just SO glad the Google led her to me. I think she's my blonde spirit animal and the only other person I've met who shares my love for Forensic Files. Best creepy show ever! 

I mentioned to them that there would be a cool carnival coming to town and asked if they wanted to do their engagement session there because the pictures would be different and totally their style. They agreed woot! 

There's something to be said about engagement sessions where we actually DO things instead of finding a pretty location to shoot cuddly poses at. My favorite locations are the ones where you can get a wide variety of looks in relatively close proximity! Not to mention the lifestyle/documentary feel is totally my fav thing!

It was fun hanging with them at the Foley Hot Air Balloon Festival. I was giggling the whole time for reals enjoying their company. I'm soooooo excited to see what they dream up for their wedding next year! šŸ˜šŸ–¤