Sloan + Taylor were so cute (not to mention GORGEOUS!). I always love it when a couple comes to me and tells me they're super awkward in front of the camera because they're always extra surprised when I deliver the gallery! Didn't know you were models, did you? ❤️ FAVS. 

It legit doesn't matter if being in front of the camera makes you feel weird. IT'S OK! In fact, I always tell couples to embrace the awkwardness.

But seriously, how I love thee, quirky, vintage engagement session... We ate some tacos at the downtown food trucks, had some beer, ate some ice cream, then hung out at a record store. We did ALL the things! 

These two are also my spirit animals in that food is their thing!! Yes... food... I love food. More than I should. They ate and drank their way through their engagement session and we all had SO much fun! I was jealous... I mean if I had more than two hands, I would have been having treats right along with them! 🍦

New favorite session. (I really have to stop saying this, but I love them all soooo much!) I did try all sorts of new things I've learned, and I love all the genuine laughs I captured applying them! 😍