Oh hey.

I'm obsessed with this wedding. Why? Well only because the wedding party was the sweetest ever, the couple was so incredibly kind + genuine, the details are so pretty, and the venue is my new FAVORITE.

Seriously, have you checked out landshark landing at Margaritaville?? Run on over there cause it's the most amazing indoor/outdoor wedding venue with beachy vibes EVER. And if your ceremony is a little earlier in the day like theirs was, the golden hour light is sooooo dreamy. 

But yea, even when things inevitably went wrong ( you can always count on something to go wrong during a wedding!), Taylor and Sloan just went with the flow. My favorite thing about them as a couple is how easy-going and laughter-loving they are. 

Their good karma paid off and on a day where it was originally supposed to rain, the clouds parted and we had alllll the sunshine! It was literally perfect ā¤ļø

Also, PRO TIP: If detail shots matter to you, ask your florist for extra loose flowers/leaves. Your details pictures will look SO pretty and your photographer will be in heaven. šŸ˜‚āœ‹šŸ¼

Vendor Credits: 

  • Venue - Margaritaville Hotel/Landshark Landing
  • Coordinator - Elegant Beginnings 
  • HMUA - Lindsey Ellen, Traveling Chic
  • Florist - Flowerama
  • Catering - Margaritaville
  • DJ/Photo Booth - DJ30A
  • Cake - Just Think Cake
  • Invites: Vistaprint