This wedding was sooooooo cool!!!

Hands down some of the most beautiful DIY details I've ever seen.

The grooms painstakingly made every single table arrangement and spray painted their flowers. The decor was straight amazing. They interjected so much of their personalities and the things they love into their details some of which were inspired by Disney, the beach, the amazing forest in Avatar the movie, and of course, flamingos. 

And the reception was the absolute most fun ever with some banging music thanks to Matt Powell! 

It wasn't all sunshine though... 😂 You see, on this day, the whole timeline had to be reworked due to heavy thunderstorms. What I loved the most though is that after a little baby freak out over the rain, the arch falling over, and the whole timeline being thrown off, my awesome grooms just went with the flow and had fun with the things that were out of our control.

Honestly, I don't think it could have been any more of a perfect day ❤️