I finally got to meet these cuties and take their picture! 

I knew Kelly and I would get along the moment she inquired with me and I learned she was also from San Diego! 

On my way over to the park, I was freaking out over the rain that was pouring on the highway. Thankfully, the clouds parted and we got plenty of sunshine for our session! When we got there, we discovered there was a wedding going on and they had apparently hired out the cutest ice cream truck and photo booth. The ice cream truck was super cute, so you know I had to get pics in front of it! The owner let me buy a cookie sandwich off her and then, they let Kelly and Andrew test out the photo booth. Turns out, they were on the market for one for their wedding soooo win win!! 

After that, we wandered the park and they eventually changed into their second outfit, which gave Kelly super powers. She apparently felt zero of the bug bites that were driving Andrew and I crazy, and her swag was out of this worrrrrrrld. 

Red dresses guys. Highly recommend