Couples are my absolute favorite thing to photograph. I do love weddings, but when it comes to being creative and using my surroundings for portraits, a one-on-one session just can't be beat! 

When Megan reached out to me for just a couple's session, I was so happy to hear from her! She had seen a session I had done for one of her friends and dug my work. Win! 

We booked and planned. In the few days before the session, her then boyfriend Trent, messaged me to let me know he wanted to use the session to propose to Megan. I was like YASSSS!! He probably thought my reaction was weird, but that's ok I WAS EXCITED! 

We planned what we'd do on the day of and then on the big day, I told him it would go down when I took him over to a white fountain. 

So, I set Megan up. I told her "Ok, this is weird, but it's a pose I do with all couples. It comes out differently every time I do it, but It'll be super cute!" I turned her back towards us and told her I was going to give Trent some instructions. So I walked over to Trent and fake whispered at him, then went and stood at a good spot to watch the magic go down. 

Up walks Trent to kneel behind Megan and I'm snapping pictures as he does so. He gets down on one knee and calls Megan by her full name... And then I couldn't hear the rest over the camera shutter as I captured her expression, but I did see how she was so shocked and then, through the hugest smile, I saw her start to cry. Best thing everrrr! 

Omg my smile was from ear to ear and I was so giddy to be able to capture this moment! It's not something that usually is, although I love this new planned/photographed proposal trend I'm seeing. I hope it continues and I get to do many more proposals!  💍❤️