Pensacola beach bride and groom portrait

"Hello Tahiry,


Of course! I just finished writing the reviews. You are amazing! The wedding day literally could not have been more perfect. Thank you so much! My friends and family cannot believe how gorgeous the pictures are. Every time I look at them I remember how incredibly perfect and happy the day was! 

If you ever need another reference/review, please let me know. Wayne Ryan (Designs Adrift) did the wedding ceremony decor and he was asking me about you as well since a lot of clients ask him for photographer names. I passed on some photos to him and gave him your name. 

Oh, by the way - Did Gulf Coast Bridal ever get back to you? 

Lastly, my mom has my sister's, my brother's and my wedding photos up in the living room since we all got married in the last year. She says to me, " I'll deny it if you ever repeat it, but you definitely had the best photographer". :)
Thanks girlie. You're the best.

A+E "