These two. They texted me the week of the wedding wondering if I had any openings for a last minute engagement session. I was like... YESSSS! Two days before the wedding, we rocked their engagement session. By the time the wedding came around, they were posing pros and so comfortable in front of the camera!!

I loved working with both of them. Their wedding was AMAZING and one of my favorites. Yes... Kevin and his groomsmen are... unique, BUT they were super fun. Like when I asked Kevin to lean over and whisper something in Regan's ear and he proceeded to tell her all about current sport news ❤️

Regan is the sweetest, kindest human being I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not to mention she's a gorgeous Natalie Portman/Emma Watson doppleganger. She loves to laugh and smile (even at my terrible jokes). When she looked at Kevin, it was with the most soulful expression I was so giddy to capture. 

I fell in love with her entire family, especially her sweet parents and sisters who I got to hang out with a bit throughout the day. Watching them in their element with their friends with them whipping, nay naying, supermaning, and wobbling made the night. Like, they had those dances down! 

You guys, if you could go ahead and throw another wedding for me to be a part of, that would be perfect!! I'll miss hanging out with you!