This session! One of my favorites hands down.

Not only is Nola super fun to shoot in, but we these two are just amazing. We shot at the beautiful Il Mercato, then strolled down chasing colors and quirk.

Their session was a little tricky because we could only shoot in the middle of the day! That's right - 2:30pm sesh right here! One of the most challenging lighting situations for a photographer to shoot in and I was definitely feeling that challenge! Normally, I only shoot with the sun behind a couple. This time, I stepped out of my comfort zone, faced them towards the sun, and rolled with it. Oddly enough, I like the results! So thanks for the new experience guys 😜

Anyway! Here is a couple I've admired from afar. Ever since they booked with me, I've been following their sweet story on social media and I'm just in a constant state of awe. Both of them being super gorgeous isn't enough. They're the type of people that are kind, genuine from the ground up, and that love to make others feel special.

Until I met Krystal, I only had a basic understanding of who she is as a person. But now having met her, I feel like there's so many unexpected layers to her, I can see why Chris wants to spend a lifetime peeling them back. Here is a woman with immense inner strength. Someone whose dealt with a loss I'm not sure I could handle, but here she is, open to love, life, and happiness, while honoring her past. I honestly don't think I can put into words how cool I think these two are without sounding majorly creepy, although... yea, she's probably my new #wcw ;). 

So stoked to hang with them again soon!