Oh, you two. I just love you, but you already knooooow this!

Olivia and I bonded from the moment she inquired with me and nicknamed me "T." We've talked about all sorts of things since then and I can always count on her to post adorableness on her Facebook wall! 

I just love her spunk and the love she has for her fur babies. Jeremy, well, he's just an all around good, easy going person. Pictures aren't his thing, but he was a good sport and rocked it!

The session didn't really go as planned. We had hoped to shoot at some gardens and realized they were closing when we were 10 minutes out. My heart sank. Much to my surprise and utter delight, they stuck with me, trusted me to find us a new spot in the immediate area, and never lost their cheerful demeanor (thank youuuu I love you foreverrrr!). 

Free spirits man. THEY ARE MY TRIBE .