This wedding was cray! It had all the things. Beautifully unique flowers, a first look, a second line, a giant party, and the most amazing Nola cuisine. 

Shameless plug: I am a huge first look fan. Getting all your portraits done before the ceremony and having a private moment with your guy before the ceremony? Just can't be beat! Think about it ;) 

A second line is basically something the bride and groom rush off to right after the ceremony. They're followed by a band and all of their guests, while police stop traffic! They parade down the streets to the cheers of strangers celebrating the new couple. It's lots of fun! We were the second, second line that day and I love that it's a cool Nola wedding thing. 

I've never experienced anything quite like this wedding!

If all Nola weddings are like this, I. am. a. fan. 

Second for Samantha Jay Photography!