I feel like we have to split this up into two parts: Bride and Groom portraits and Adventuring

The Monday after their wedding, Nic and Shelby flew me out to Fresno to capture a chunk of their honeymoon and the reading of their personal vows to each other. We somehow ended up with seats near other on both flights, which was awesoooome because flying scares me. Well, it did. I am super pro at it now šŸ˜šŸ˜‚

Yosemite during the winter has road closures and this winter in particular, there was record breaking snows! We were a bit limited in what we could do/see, but we seriously made the best of it and had a BLAST spending all day together! 

We stopped at anything that caught our fancy or would make cool pictures. They had snowball fights, built snowmen, and stood inside giant trees! We stopped for creepy fog and made painful snow angels. I got to take pictures of it all!! šŸ˜ Best "work" trip ever. 

Now for part two, which I love just as much as part one! šŸ˜ Adventuring...