This day was when I realized that posing is lame and capturing fun is where it's at. It is so the direction my business will be going in the future!

All day adventure sessions at amazing locations. Zero posing (ok maybe a little cuddly posing). 100% fun and games captured only. Who's in?!

Our adventure lasted alllll day and it was so stinking fun. I told them "I'm legit not going to pose you today. Maybe we'll play some games or something!" They loved the idea and this part of the session was my absolute favorite! Even I made it into some of their pictures! 

So while the goal of this adventure session was for these awesome peeps to read their personal vows and get portraits in their wedding clothes in the snow, we spent the most of the day just hanging out, stopping when we'd see a cool spot, checking it out, making sure we got some cute pictures, then moving on. 

They built snowmen, had snowball fights, danced in the middle of the road, spun in circles, fell into waist deep snow, and best of all just LAUGHED. Like a lot.

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