You guyssssss.... You probably know about my not-so-secret obsession with the color pink, right? Well, you can guess how bouncy I got the moment I stepped out of my car and saw that the gardens were in bloom!! I'd been here a couple of times before, but never when the flowers were out. šŸ˜ 

It was a beautiful sunshiney day with cool temps and a light breeze. I immediately brought Kayla and Jasmine to a spot surrounded by flowers, but it just wasn't flowery enough! I found a little nook and asked them how adventurous they were feeling šŸ˜† I'm so happy they agreed to wander into the bushes. 

I barely had to pose them since they were naturally affectionate and loving and Kayla was rocking the camera! Job made easy! 

After I got my flower fill, we grabbed their adorable puppy, Kobi, for more pictures! I love him. Come to think of it, is he going to be in the wedding?? Oh, I hope soooo!