Can we just take a moment to appreciate our mutual love of rose gold? And especially rose gold so boldly displayed at this intimate rooftop wedding in San Diego?

Side story time: When I was about 9 months pregnant with my first baby (my belly was soooo cute and huge!! #babyfever), my husband and I did a mini baby moon at Hotel  Palomar in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego (downtown). I booked us a couple's massage, we stayed up eating candy and drinking wine in bathrobes, and had an amazing time. It went down as one of the best weekends/memories of my life. (Also we used to live in San Diego... hence to reason I try to book ALL the weddings on the west coast!)

So, when Jessi (Jessi Field @iamjessifield) asked me if I wanted to go to San Diego with her and second shoot this wedding, I was like F YES. When she told me where the wedding was, I about passed out.

Then we went on to have the best few days ever shooting this wedding (the bride was *literally a model*), dancing at my old country bar haunt, and hiking Sunset Cliffs barefoot with gorgeous people. Also we got a little food poisoned and hungover one too many times but ehhhhh. Small details. 

Thank you Jessi for those amazing few days I still pine for all these weeks later! 

You know how sometimes the universe just makes you feel like you're exactly where you should be? This wedding was that for me. I'm truly loving my life, friends, work, and family right now. UGH.