I loved these two. I feel like they were my soul people. There's nothing quite as adorable as Mitch tapping her hand uncomfortably as I made them stay still to make sure I got certain shots. I'm so happy they chose me!

Our session took place in and around the adorable streets of Downtown Pensacola. If you've followed along my Insta at all, you'll know these sidewalks have made appearances before and I'm so in love with their character! I feel like it fit them and their artsy hipster style perfectly. 

They brought wine to their session, made silly faces at each other, and at the end, blew my mind with their modeling skills. I'm considering making wine drinking mandatory for sessions. They were THAT awesome. 

Really, Mitch and I bonded over our mutual love of the Gilmore Girls. She's been patiently waiting for me to finish the revival so that we can discuss and I'll use this post to tell her that I DID!! AND OMG! Praying to the GG gods that there is a Rory spin off (even though I still think she's kind of a bad person haha)! šŸ˜ Probably wishful thinking, but can you imagine all the possibilities?? Ok I'm done and going to start looking for a "Life After GG Support Group" to join. 

Check out their session highlights!! I am SO in love and probably shared way more than I normally do! šŸ˜¬šŸ˜šŸ·