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When Elizabeth Stryker of Elly's Photography offered me the opportunity to shoot a Persian wedding with her at the Swan House in Atlanta, I said "YES PLEASE!" 

I drove five hours from Pensacola to Atlanta, got a bite to eat at a pizza joint 5 minutes away from the venue (I HAD to get my cheese pizza fix in), then made my way over to this amazing spot. Surrounded by mature trees, sweeping staircases, and lush gardens, the Swan House is a site to see! It made for an epic backdrop for the couple's wedding pictures.

persian wedding at the swan house in atlanta, georgia

Our world's cultures fascinate me and I was immediately captivated by every single detail. From their wedding table, filled with important and traditional items, all of which I carefully photographed - you can read more about what the individual items mean here - to the customs during the ceremony. 

Did you know that Persian brides are supposed to act coy and reject their fiancé multiple times before finally saying yes? I didn't, but it sure gave me and the guests a giggle when she stated "No, I think I'll go get a manicure" instead of saying "I do!"

Everyone danced at the reception, twirling their hands, and loudly singing their favorite songs without an ounce of alcohol. (I don't know about you, but I need a little bit of liquid courage to get out on the dance floor.)  One of the groomsmen pulled out his drum/drumsticks and was killing it to the beat of the music. The music was so loud, my ears were numb at the end of the night. It. was. epic.

Elly is an amazing Charlotte, NC photographer that specializes in capturing dramatic photos with the use of flash. She teaches workshops on her unique style of flash use, so it was also an opportunity to learn from one of the flash masters. Thanks to Elly and her team, I picked up tons of gems on how to light receptions and make really neat dancing pictures - and she paid me to do it ;) win win! 

I am so appreciative of her allowing me to gain this unique wedding experience! I will forever remember the the day I was able to fully immerse myself into a different culture and capture their story.

bride and groom kissing during wedding reception at the swan house museum ball room

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