I'm not one to try and motivate or inspire. I can't really think of any point in my life where I thought the things I did/do are super interesting (still applies!) but for real - what's holding you back on chasing your dreams?

Last year in October, my full-time obsession with photography began. I would bounce a tiny baby Roen on my lap in our tiny, one bedroom apartment, while I watched endless how-to videos and had long conversations with a certain amazing photographer. 

I highlighted the shit out of photography books, and made notes about shutter speed and aperture because I had no idea what they were or what they did. 

Shooting in manual was everything and I don't think my trusty first DSLR has ever been in auto. I jumped in head first and never looked back.

I had no idea where I was going. My website was dinky, my portfolio was bare, consisted mainly of my family, and my editing style was inconsistent. Check out the above images ;)

I was so discouraged by not instantly having it all together (cause I'm super realistic, ya dig?).

Over the last (almost) year, I've nailed down my branding, my editing, my shooting style, and how I can best serve my brides + the vendors I work with. Every bride that has booked with me, I want to stick in my pocket and keep as a besty forever. 


I know what I want and I have a plan on how i'm going to get there. It's a good feeling! 

I *actually* found what I love and I'm doing it. Do you know how lucky that makes me? I don't dread my job!! I want to do more of it all.the.time. 

So yea. If you made it through all that... in the words of Nike - Just do it. Find that thing that makes your heart go pitter patter and chase it. 



This last week, I feel like I'm all the way back at the beginning again, when I had no idea how to work all of the buttons on my camera. 

I'm bouncing around from resource to resource, I'm making excessively long lists, I'm researching ALL THE THINGS, and I have about 7 books to get through. Why? Because in addition to my love for photographing weddings, I've found a new obsession: Business and marketing. 

This time, I know it's going to take time and some elbow grease. I will (and have… a lot) fall on my face, have big and small wins, but most importantly, I'll move forward. 

I'm excited to see where my little business will be next fall. ❤️


I'm Tahiry (Tahiti - Like the island) and I'm a wedding photographer in Pensacola. I specialize in outdoor weddings for unique and adventurous couples that are moved by art and want a wedding experience, not just a photographer. I can't wait to capture your story.