For those brides that love a little quirk and a bit of the non-traditional, here are 5 floral bridesmaid dresses for the creative bride. 

1) BHLDN - Ersalina Dress - $320 A bit of a splurge and stepping away from the usual blush colors, this bold + gorgeous Navy dress with subtle floral stitching would look striking next to a gorgeous white gown! I have a thing for Navy. And Navy + gold? Can't go wrong with those wedding colors!

2) BHLDN - Alana Dress - $260 Another floral bridesmaids dress that would photograph beautifully is the Alana Dress. For the creative and adventurous bride who wants to incorporate watercolor details into her wedding, this watercolor floral dress is a winner! 

3) BHLDN - Inesse Dress - $290 For the non-traditional, woodsy wedding with artistic details, this floral dress would fit right in! Such a subtle print would look beautiful and not at all busy in photos because let's face it, the more beautiful and comfortable your bridesmaids feel, the better YOUR pictures will look ;)

4) Aaaaand dead. These have to be my absolute favorite combinations. Tulle (the skirt material) photographs so beautifully. In pictures it looks dreamy and flowy and if a breeze catches it, gorgeousness ensues. This bold, cabernet color would look gorgeous with the Liv Cami floral top in an early fall wedding. Paired with wine and blush florals, it would be a wedding fit for publishing! 

5) BHLDN - Ilona Dress  - $480 Last but most certainly *not* least is this amazingly gorgeous number for the seriously off-beat and unique bride who leans toward a bohemian inspired wedding. I'm kind of obsessed with the Ilona dress and if I could have it my way, it would never leave my body. PS. Those shiny bits? Metallic. Thread. Detail. 

I can't wait to see what my future quirky brides pick for their special girls! These floral bridesmaid dresses are making my photographer heart go pitter patter and I can just imagine how dreamy these dresses would look in the bridal party photos 😍
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