Weddings are amazing. So much energy and love and magic happening all in one day! I love it and I'm excited to work with my clients through the craziness! 

Read on for some frequently asked questions about my wedding photography services!



  • How far out do you book weddings? I book weddings at least 8 months in advance, but contact me to see if your upcoming wedding date is still available. 
  • I'm on a tight budget, do you offer discounts? In fairness to all my clients, I do not offer discounts. However, you can now get the THP experience, posing, and editing at a more affordable cost with my associate photographer program
  • What is included in your wedding packages? All packages will, at the very least, include artistically edited digital files, an online gallery, online storage of your images for up to 6 months. Upgraded packages will include more coverage, complementary engagement sessions, second shooters, and album credit!
  • What is an average investment? An average investment is $3700.
  • How do you safe keep the images? Great question! I invest heavily in my gear and back up methods. Sadly, technology does fail, but I do everything I can to ensure your images stay safe! I have five, yes five, different methods of backing up images that I do every. single. time I get home from a wedding. It's literally my worst fear! I back the images up to multiple cards, in the cloud when they are uploaded, on my computer, on two external hard drives, and they are stored online for you for up to 6 months. Breathe easy and know I am doing my best to keep your memories safe. 
  • How long until my wedding gallery is ready? I am all about speed. When I inquire with someone, I like for my inquiry to be answered in a timely manner. When I order something, I want it to be delivered on time and quickly. I know you're dying to see the pictures of your amazing wedding, so I will post a sneak peek approximately one week from the wedding. The gallery will be available in 3-4 weeks. In just a few weeks, you will have your entire gallery, not months. 
  • What if you get busy or something happens and you are unable to deliver the gallery on time? I value my clients. In the event that I become bogged down, my priority is to my clients and delivering a fast turn around, so I will outsource my editing at no extra cost to you.
  • Will I receive the RAW files? I do not give out RAW files, however, know that every image you receive will be edited to be consistent with my style and the samples you have seen. Further, unless your shoot is for commercial purposes, it's likely you won't need the RAW files. 
  • How many images will I receive? There is a lot of factors dictating how many images I will end up with at the end of the wedding. Was it a long wedding or an intimate affair? Were there a lot of details? Were people party rocking during the reception or kicking back? Expect to receive 300-500 images.  
  • Will you help me with my timeline? YES! Allowing enough time for pictures is important to ensure you get what you hoped for. I love to help and be involved in the timeline making process.
  • What if something happens to you and you can't shoot my wedding? Rest assured, barring an extreme emergency, nothing is going to keep me away that day! In the event of an emergency, Pensacola has SO many amazing photographers that I'm lucky to call friends. We help each other out, so that our weddings will always have backups in case of an emergency.  Additionally, now that I have an associate, she can cover me if available!
  • SHOOT MY WEDDING!  Yasssss. Let's dooooo this! šŸ™ŒšŸ¼

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