Kayla and I traded headshots and I am SO IN LOVE with how everything turned out! 

The whole thing was crazy bananas. We got to our spot with less than 20 minutes of light left, zipped each other up, then made a mad dash through the park in search of the perfect light.

I'm sure we looked insane. I mean two girls, dressed in gowns, with full hair and make up done, running through the park with camera gear, stopping every so often to take a test picture of each other... Yea.

This was fun though because I got to play with new toys! 

I recently sold all of my old lenses and invested in new, much better lenses and I couldn't be happier! 2016 has been an awesome year, check out my journey here! Not that she needs any help from lenses because Kayla is one of the most gorgeous girls I know.

I'm obsessed with my headshots and I'm sure there's a line I'm close to crossing into conceitedness. But I mean... my dress matches my website guys!!

Ok, I'll stop. Check it out 😍 Ugh... that light! (Also one more of my handsome Cheche cause I love him).