You know what my favorite thing to photograph is?

Those first 30 minutes during an engagement session when a couple is still trying to adjust to getting their pictures taken. It always makes for the cutest laughing pictures! As I always say, "just embrace the awkwardness," which of course leads to adorable candids.

This session was no different and SO fun! We met on a cloudy day at Gulf Shores State Park in AL and hiked along a backcountry trail. After the cutest 30 mins of capturing Elizabeth and Joel giggling their way through the awkwardness, they so ROCKED the romantic part of the sesh.

I just love to see the shift - the confidence, the trust, the vulnerability and willingness to let me into that piece of a relationship that happens after those 30 minutes. It MAKES my job. Especially when two people so clearly have 'it.' And yes, they sooo have it. It was obvious in the way they laughed together, how they weren't afraid to be silly and REAL with each other, and always stood so so close. 

I'm so excited for your wedding in March you guys!! 

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