same sex engagement session in downtown pensacola
same sex engagement session in downtown pensacola

Some of my couples are a little more private, others love to be a featured on my social media accounts! I love to share their stories and show them off because I think they're awesome people!

On the same token, I also aim to protect a couple's privacy when they're not into that stuff.  So! R + F's names have been changed to keep their identity hidden ;) (I feel like I'm on an FBI cold cases show where the witnesses need protection). 

F is a very talented sculptor and artist. His artwork is even featured at Artel Art Gallery in Downtown Pensacola! He brought along his pumpkin pottery and I got to photograph it. Squee!  

I can't stress enough how much props add to your portfolio and overall story. It's so fun when couples bring things to do and extras for me to capture. R+F brought Crush bottled soda and I love love love the pop of color they bring to the images. 

They found an awesome spot near Old Christ Church where there is overgrown ivy on brick walls, an abandoned courtyard (with tables!), and cute/clean sidewalks for the walking together shots. I am super in love with the rest of their portfolio. I'm so excited to shoot at these locations again!