Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse Santa Rosa Beach Wedding | Jimmy + Betsey

Hibiscus Coffee & Guesthouse Santa Rosa Beach Wedding | Jimmy + Betsey

Trying something new for this sneak peek. Love it? Hate it? Let me know ;) 

This wedding was held at an adorable guesthouse in Santa Rosa Beach with two of the chillest people I've met. I'm so happy to have been a part of it all and met all of your amazing friends. 

Check out their highlight slideshow below! Tbh, I don't know what the best resolution is, but it might be HD + 720p *whatever that means*. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Navarre Beach Wedding | Amie + Josh

Navarre Beach Wedding | Amie + Josh

Sometimes the plans for an entire wedding go wrong. Like say... a hurricane is forecasted to hit on. the. day. of. your. wedding. 👏🏼
You could freak out... or you could shift all of your plans last minute and go with the flow like Amie and her new HUBBY!! I’ve never met such a sweet and totally zen bride even though her day was nothing like she envisioned.

Amie and Josh love downtown, so we had to make sure we got our first look and portraits done there! Also, this wedding is just another reason I looooove first looks! So many more opportunities for portraits in different settings. 

With one of the most hilarious ceremonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, which was officiated by their friend, these two became man and wife on the beautiful beaches of Navarre and promised to love each other through sickness and health... and especially through hurricanes 🖤😜 Congrats beautiful humans!! Thank you for choosing me  #thisishowwerollet

Destin Bay House Wedding | Ashley + Lance

Destin Bay House Wedding | Ashley + Lance

I don't know how I've gotten so incredibly lucky. The couples that reach out and book me have the most genuine and kind hearts. 
The way they invite me into their lives, trust me, and even treat me like their own family, always blows me away and leaves me so grateful. 
These two love so hard and I love them for it. Despite it being so windy, they never lost their good spirit. 
Even though all their plans were blowing up in their faces (thanks Irma), all they wanted was to vow to love one another forever. 
And as they said their I do's and kissed, the clouds parted and the sun came out for the rest of the night.
And I cried. 
Thank you two so much for everything. I know you're already perfect for each other and will definitely live happily ever after, fishing phones out of porter potties 😜
Ps thanks for the 5 bottles of wine and the case of beer. 😂

Engagement Session in Downtown Pensacola with Amie + Josh

Engagement Session in Downtown Pensacola with Amie + Josh

AH I AM SO EXCITED FOR THEIR WEDDING. Ok, I had to get that out of my system.

I just know it's going to be super fun and could I have a more photogenic couple of love birds??? 

Amie is going to be a beautiful bride (I've seen the dress and... FIRE!) and I know Josh will keep me on my toes LOL. 

We did this session just walking around downtown, talking about GoT (did you see the finale?!) and doing cute + affectionate thing! They were naturals in front of the camera and PDA? No prob ;P

I'm so glad you two chose me and for making the start of my fall season so awesome!!! xoxoxoxo

Bohemian In Home Pensacola Couple's Session | Sam + Andrew

Bohemian In Home Pensacola Couple's Session | Sam + Andrew

I'm thinking I may be doing a whole lot more of these in the future... Sam is the cutest and she and Andrew are way too adorable together. 

Candid in style with boho, intimate, and comfortable vibes, these in home sessions are becoming my favorite. I highly recommend them!

This one actually took place in my home! Many of you know that I redecorated my guest room and that I'm starting work in my living room. This happened in the living room! I set up a little area on the floor near a whole lot of natural light and used my growing collection of throw pillows. (But I mean... if I'm going to keep doing these here, that's a pretty awesome excuse for more throw pillows. IJS...)

Hair/makeup: Sam! She's an incredibly talented makeup artist in the Pensacola area! Check her out if you're still looking for someone for your wedding day. She does amazing work and is super fun! <3 Sam's Facebook Page

((FYI, I'll be offering in-home mini sessions at my house! If you're looking for candid/intimate/boho vibes for your couple's session, this may be a good option for you!  Contact me here and mention the in home mini sessions to get more info and available dates :))

New Orleans Wedding Photography Il Mercato | Krystal + Chris

New Orleans Wedding Photography Il Mercato | Krystal + Chris

Wow this wedding. I'm so honored, humbled, and thankful that this one of a kind couple chose me to capture their wedding. I found myself crying way more than normal. They chose their vendors from all over the country and even Canada! 

I fell in love with them from the moment I got to know them a bit during their engagement session and I think obsessed is a pretty fair way to describe my feelings for them now. They are so special to me. 

Their wedding started at the Troubadour hotel in New Orleans, which I was immediately a fan of due to their quirky, almost bohemian decor. It had been raining most of the afternoon and I was already planning out places where I could shoot in the lobby, but when it came time for portraits, the skies cleared and it never rained again. Whew... We were able to capture gorgeous rooftop photos with the New Orleans skyline in the background.

Krystal chose to do a first look with her (Chris' grandparents) grandparents and her dad and it was so emotional. I don't think there was a dry eye around. 

The ceremony took place at St. Mary's Assumption Church and there was a super fun second line through the streets of New Orleans to the reception venue at Il Mercato. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Flower Project: Mica

Flower Project: Mica

Well since I am still a kid, (20 in a few weeks) I still dream of a lot I would love to do. Traveling to every country in the world by the time I am 30 is something on my checklist. My grandparents on my mother’s side always traveled and seeing that growing up always made me want to do, well what they did. I couldn’t even tell you what I wanted to grow up to do, frankly I am still growing up and as of right now what I want to do today might not even be what I want to do tomorrow. But for right now and for the last five or so months I have really wanted to be a sex therapist. I’m about finished with my AA and plan on going to FSU to do a dual program for my BA/MS so I can at least open a practice, and see if I want to get my doctorate. 

My story, well my story is still being written.

I have gone through a lot, at least what I think is a lot. I had severe drug problems when I was in high school and hid it well from the people I surrounded myself with. I have overdosed twice, also I have been raped twice and am very open talking about my traumas. I have severe depression and pretty bad anxiety but somehow, I still feel like that isn’t even enough to make me any different than the next girl ya know?

I was in a shitty car accident going into my senior year of high school and I almost died. I cannot even express the gratitude I have for whatever the reason was or is to have kept me alive but it made me realize that I have so much more that I must do. I want to educate myself and educate others, just little things to me, that I just feel are so important. I guess I just want to give back however I can, for whatever reason I am still here and there is definitely a reason why I just don’t know for what yet. 


I realize that I am going to lose some of these battles I face and honestly that is totally fine. I have really accepted how much I want to focus on not only bettering myself but just to have a better understanding and love towards well me. I guess the most I have learned at 19 years old is people fucking suck but there are still some super awesome people out there it just takes going through the shitty ones to get to the good ones. 

If I could tell my younger self anything, aghh well definitely do not do drugs. They suck and they really are not worth it. Do not think sleeping with someone is going to make you feel loved or better about yourself. DO NOT trust everyone you meet. I know you expect people to have the same good intentions you do but they do not. Oh! Don’t fuck with your eyebrows cause you will for sure regret it. Eat whatever your little heart desires cause you won’t be able to get super baked and go to McDonalds at 3 in the morning forever.  

My insecurities? As of right now, I think the same shit everyone my age is going through. Instagram fucks with your self-esteem so much, so you are constantly wondering how you are coming off to people, does my ass look too small or is my stomach hanging out? Stupid shit is what I worry about and frankly my body is the last thing I want to give a shit about. But I think once I really like LOVE myself is when I’ll stop being so critical.

Chamber of Commerce Wedding in Downtown Pensacola

Chamber of Commerce Wedding in Downtown Pensacola

Yep, still love second shooting. Chilling out and letting someone else take the reigns is just awesome. 

I'm also about 90% outdoor weddings, but getting to do a church wedding is a nice change of pace! Oh, also, they had a massive wedding party, served cookies at the reception with both normal and chocolate milk, squeezed like three amazing and fun dances into one first dance, and everyone got around in their very own trolley.

I love working with Erika from Indie Pearl Photo. One of my fav talents in the Pcola area! 

Flower Project: Danika


Flower Project: Danika

"As a child I possessed a persistently wild imagination. Before I was old enough to attend school, I rarely dressed myself in anything other than the costumes that my grandmother made for me. I fell in love with a theatrical makeup kit that my parents gave me for my ballet recitals, which is what began my passion for makeup artistry. I've always been thankful for how much my creativity was nurtured during those early years of my life. Honestly, I can't even say what I wanted to be when I grew up. Perhaps a mermaid or a vampire, but I had no particular career aspirations then. I loved playing outdoors with imaginary friends and looking at the world around me as if it were a fairytale."

"What's my story? I often wonder that myself. Every day feels like a story of its own. My life has never been boring, that's for damn sure. Sometimes I would kill for a little bit of boring. Well, I was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida but also raised in Southern California (divorced parents). These days I continue to split my time between the two coasts. 

My father moved away to Hollywood to chase his dreams of becoming a screenwriter in the early 90's and now operates a private Salvador Dali gallery in Orange County. 

My mother is the most wonderful person that I've ever known. Without her unconditional love and guidance, I'm not sure I would have made it this far. When I was in elementary school she was diagnosed with breast cancer after recently becoming a single mother. Not only did she kick cancer's ass, but she did everything in her power to make sure that my life remained normal no matter how sick she was. I was oblivious to this as a child, but as an adult I now know how much strength that truly requires. She has continued to be my "rock" for my entire life. I'm incredibly blessed to have such a strong and loving human being for a mother. 

I suppose I will get back to talking about myself. I am a professional makeup artist and on again off again psychology student. I knew since I was seventeen that I wanted to work in the beauty industry, but another part of me also felt a responsibility to walk down a path where I could potentially help other people who had been through the trauma that I endured. Perhaps one day I will continue along that path, but for now I'm enjoying living and growing as an artist. 

These days I stray from publicly talking too much about the traumatic events in my life. I'm thankful to be a part of a project where I'm encouraged to speak out about what I've been through, it has been quite a liberating experience. I can't lie, it is horrifying to put some of this out there. Heck, sitting fully nude in the woods with ants crawling up my ass was more comfortable for me than answering these questions. However, I've learned over time that putting yourself in the situations that scare you the most is the first step to no longer fearing those situations like you did before. 

There are so many defining traumatized ic events that I could list, honestly. In my life I have experienced mental and physical abuse, rape, death, substance abuse and psychological disorders. However, I can't deny that I know which experience has truly shaped me as a person most of all. 

One week and a few days before my sixteenth birthday, my older brother passed away from Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, a terminal illness that he had been living with for nearly half of his life. The doctors had no good news. His illness was in the rare disease category, meaning that too few people suffered from it for there to be any incentive for research. We could only treat his symptoms and make him comfortable during however much time he had left. 

I was ten years old when he was diagnosed. I had always feared death as a child, not my own but the death of the ones I loved. That fear began shortly after someone planted the concept of heaven and hell into my five year old mind. Fairly often I would lie awake at night in tears because I was so horrified of my family being taken from me. Suddenly, there it was, in the flesh, right before my eyes. Before then I had only imagined outliving the adults in my life, but not my brother. That's when I realized just how fragile and fleeting life can truly be. Uncovering that truth hurt more than anything I had ever felt before. I held a silent scream inside of me for many years because I couldn't handle the reality of losing him. When I finally did, I tried to silence that scream with drugs for several years. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was trying to mask my suffering instead of coping with it. They say these things hurt less as years go by, but it has always been a struggle for me. I've never been at peace with the fact that some terminal illnesses are deemed worthy of research while others get shoved onto the back burner. I hate that there are other people out there that can relate to how hopeless and devastating it feels when you are told that all you can do is sit back and watch your loved one die. This experience shook me right out of my fairytale dreams and planted my feet into the soil of a very cruel and real world. 

Although this story is a sad one, it can't be told without saying that my brother was the only person I've ever known that found a reason to smile every single day of his life, despite the fact that he had every reason not to. The first thing that comes to mind when I remember him has nothing to do with his illness. I remember his laughterechoing through the halls and his smile that was so big it reached the outer corners of his beautiful eyes. I remember how he found joy in the little things that other people constantly overlooked and how contagious that joy was to anyone around him. 

As a child suffering with a terminal illness, he possessed more strength and bravery than any adult I've ever known. MLD confined him to a wheelchair and had taken his ability to speak by the time he was thirteen, but this never seemed to hinder his intuition or ability to help people. He was always the one smiling at me from across the room when I was having a bad day, doing anything he could to make sure I didn't feel alone. Some days when I feel down on myself I try to pretend that he's still there smiling back at me. Even though he was only around for a small portion of my life, he made an impact on me that will last forever."

"Truly, the lessons I've learned are countless, but here are the first few that come to mind. 

As with any loss, I've learned to cherish the good times with the ones I love because everyone's time on Earth is temporary. Never take anyone for granted. 

I also learned how not to cope with loss, because I failed so miserably at it early on. I learned how to be brave. I'm still not perfect, and I never will be, but I've come a long way. I still struggle with being comfortable showing my true emotions to other people, the very thought of crying in front of anyone still frightens me, but for years I was afraid to even cry alone. I saw myself as weak, so I used substances to make me feel strong. Now I know that crying your eyes out and not running from your feelings takes great strength and bravery, it isn't a weakness by any means. 

One of the most important lessons I learned from my brother was to find a reason to smile every day, and that little acts of kindness towards everyone around you can give someone else a reason to smile too. You never know what strangers are going through, your kindness could make someone's entire day better.

Stop living your life to please people who abuse and don't give a damn about you. They will never love you, but that's not your fault, it's a flaw within themselves that they are unable to love. Give your love to people who give it back to you, and only those people. 

Also.... Stop over plucking your eyebrows!!!!!"

"Working in the beauty industry definitely makes me more hyper-aware of my appearance than most people. It's honestly kind of disgusting how these insecurities are implanted into our minds these days. Social media influences and beauty "gurus" on YouTube are relentlessly trying to sell you whatever product someone paid them to endorse, thus implanting more insecurities into your mind so that you keep buying beauty products. I can't watch most makeup tutorials anymore because they are really no different than watching infomercials. 

I struggled with anorexia as a teenager, and it took a long time to get to a happy place with my body. Some days there is still a voice in my mind criticizing the cellulite on my legs or telling me that my pores are too big. Quite frankly, there are bigger issues to be concerned about than the dimples on my ass. Not to mention, I wouldn't feel insecure in the first place had someone not decided to create these things for people to hate about themselves so they could profit off of them. Once you see it for what it is, you stop sweating those small things as much. 

I do work in the beauty industry, but these days it's rare that I even wear makeup. I don't tell myself or my clients that they need anything in order to be beautiful. Perhaps this makes me horrible at the business side of my career, but I don't want my legacy to be implanting physical insecurities into the minds of other people. The artistry aspect of my work is where my heart is, and I don't see that changing." - Danika

Special thanks to Leelee's Blooms for this amazing bouquet! 

Follow Danika on Instagram here 🖤


Introducing The Flower Project

Introducing The Flower Project

There is a movement that began in central Florida. It's called The Flower Project and it was founded by one of my favorite photographers, Lauren Laveria. 

Slowly, photographers across the country have picked up on the movement and have started their own projects in their areas. 

I love what she's done so much that I've decided to bring a piece of that movement here, to Pensacola and shoot as many of these sessions as I can this summer. Why? Well because. Women as a group are silenced and we’re raised to believe that our stories are dirty laundry and should be kept a secret. But why should it be that way? If you’ve ever vented to someone or had a good cry about something that’s gone wrong, then you know the power in release and sharing your story already.

It’s a project focused on creating art, self love and acceptance, empowering women by photographing them at their most vulnerable, showing them how beautiful they are, and openly sharing their deepest, most life defining stories + how they grew and lessons they want to share with other women who may be going through the same.

The photos are taken in the nude out in nature. Yup! Outside and nude. Somewhere private, but out in the open. It’s a freeing experience!

This weekend, I photographed my first flower project lady. Thank you for being brave and being the first, Danika! I wanted to share her story separately so that will be coming soon! 

Bouquet: Leelee's Blooms in Pensacola

Special thanks to Leelee's Blooms in Pensacola for providing a this beautiful and wild bouquet!

Special thanks to Leelee's Blooms in Pensacola for providing a this beautiful and wild bouquet!

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Behind the Scenes Stuff

Click in to see me at work - doing what I love - Pensacola wedding photography.

Margaritaville Hotel Wedding on Pensacola Beach | Sloan + Taylor


Margaritaville Hotel Wedding on Pensacola Beach | Sloan + Taylor

Oh hey.

I'm obsessed with this wedding. Why? Well only because the wedding party was the sweetest ever, the couple was so incredibly kind + genuine, the details are so pretty, and the venue is my new FAVORITE.

Seriously, have you checked out landshark landing at Margaritaville?? Run on over there cause it's the most amazing indoor/outdoor wedding venue with beachy vibes EVER. And if your ceremony is a little earlier in the day like theirs was, the golden hour light is sooooo dreamy. 

But yea, even when things inevitably went wrong ( you can always count on something to go wrong during a wedding!), Taylor and Sloan just went with the flow. My favorite thing about them as a couple is how easy-going and laughter-loving they are. 

Their good karma paid off and on a day where it was originally supposed to rain, the clouds parted and we had alllll the sunshine! It was literally perfect ❤️

Also, PRO TIP: If detail shots matter to you, ask your florist for extra loose flowers/leaves. Your details pictures will look SO pretty and your photographer will be in heaven. 😂✋🏼

Vendor Credits: 

  • Venue - Margaritaville Hotel/Landshark Landing
  • Coordinator - Elegant Beginnings 
  • HMUA - Lindsey Ellen, Traveling Chic
  • Florist - Flowerama
  • Catering - Margaritaville
  • DJ/Photo Booth - DJ30A
  • Cake - Just Think Cake
  • Invites: Vistaprint